My experience with ACTogether Uganda.
08 Jul 2016
It is the 1st of June 2016 at 8:00 am local time I report to the offices of ACTogether located in Kabalagala a city suburb. It is my first day as an intern and am…
“Can’t beat them…join them”
08 Jul 2016
Great pleasure in life is doing successfully the things that people thought you could never. Meet Namata fairuzi 23 years of age a student of Islamic university in Uganda Kampala campus pursuing a degree in…
Facing the tide
29 Jun 2016
Finding a good organization internship placement usually isn’t something easy to go by. Comparably, it shades a glim of light about the tight job market for which penetration is never easy a solution to which…
The Attitude of Saving Will Still Determine The Rate of Savings in Tororo Region.
29 Jun 2016
Blog by Natule Jairus, Tororo region youth documenter; The principle of savings still receives mixed attitudes and purposes amongst the layman especially in Tororo to date. While it’s encouraging that a good number of people…

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