Making more than an opportunity: information sharing a tool for transforming communities
28 Jul 2016
Blog by Ssebaka Richard, youth documenter Masaka region As our slogan states that “Okwegatta Gemaanyi” which translates that unity is strength indeed it was the case. This was shown when the federation members from the…
28 Jul 2016
Blog by:Simon Kayiwa Makindye Youth Documenter Anyone would agree with me that whenever the society comes together at whichever level on whatever issues there is no doubt that its going more further and digging deeper…
Achieving greater community participation through Municipal Development Forums
22 Jul 2016
Blog by Mawejje Francis, intern documentation department June-August 2016 Over the years, the concept of having a people led development has been a development conundrum that many countries in the developing world have grappled with.…
Sensitization: the key to achieving greater development through MDFs
22 Jul 2016
Blog by Ssebaka Richard, youth documenter Masaka region; As the general party of Masaka municipal Council (MMC), the slum dwellers in Masaka invited in a two day workshop. It is 9am local time and the…

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