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Terms of Reference

Project Coordinatior (Energy)

Post Title: Project Coordinator (Energy)
Project Name: SDI Energy Justice (encompassing Solar PV and Cleaner Cook stoves)
Duty station: Jinja and Kampala
Duration of Appointment: 6 months with the possibility of Extension
Expected Starting Date: As soon as possible.

In application please submit the below by 28 July 2017.

-          Curriculum Vitae

-          Expression of Interest (EoI) including personal profile and reference project for last 3 year


As an affiliated support organisation of SDI, ACTogether has an on-going energy justice programme which includes 2 distinct streams: (1) Solar PV (2) Cleaner Cook stoves. This programme is aimed at delivering outcomes at household, settlement, city, and national levels through a bottom-up project process that puts Federated communities of the urban poor at the centre of development in their settlements.

The energy justice programme aims to improve access to clean, efficient, safe, and cost effective energy technologies that address the wide ranging manifestations of energy poverty amongst the urban poor. Projects aim to be sustainable in the broadest sense. Projects should at minimum deliver learnings and set precedent for community delivery, and ideally demonstrate the ability to recover cost or generate income for country urban poor funds should they scale.

ACTogether and SDI wish to recruit qualified Project Coordination capacity to anchor this work in Eastern Uganda. He / she will provide services in project management, planning, implementation, and relationship building with a focus on energy. In the case that the duration of the contract is extended these responsibilities will extend to field monitoring and evaluation or projects and knowledge transfer.

Incremental Energy Service Delivery – Benchmark Municipality

Energy as a basic service targeted at slum households and specific public services within a municipality in Eastern Uganda is the site of the intervention. Specifically the introduction of small scale solar home systems (SHS) to households and solar street lighting for illumination of public open space will be the modality. The delivery of basic electricity to the settlement falls under a larger community-led settlement upgrading project.

This model of energy service delivery is envisaged to be precedent setting in terms of a hybridised approach to settlement service delivery whereby community structures, organised and capacitated around energy service delivery, deliver and co-finance a basic energy service in partnership with the local Municipal Council and other selected stakeholders.

The overall outcome will aim to demonstrate a precedent setting model of sustainable renewable energy service delivery which delivers benefit across the value service delivery value chain – from household to community to local government.  

Scope of the work:

Project Coordinator will have the following duties and responsibilities:

-          Prepare and manage project documentation, proposals, timeframes, schedules and budgets

-          Management of project delivery

-          Play an anchor role in coordinating and information sharing with the SDI Projects team (point of contact)

-          Coordinate activities, resources, equipment, and information

-          Facilitate dialogue between the project Executive, SDI, and external partners to define the project requirements, scope and objectives

-          Monitor and track project progress, report upstream, and handle any issues that arise

-          Create and maintain necessary project documentation, plans and reports

-          Use project management tools to monitor budget, plans, and money spent

-          Report and escalate issues to management as needed

-          Play a lead role in researching and building relationships with project suppliers

-          Oversee the production of reports on workshops and field visits, minutes of meetings, and others

-          Represent ACTogether and SDI in any project related meetings or forums as may be assigned by the superiors

-          Liaise with the other program staff of ACTogether to discuss  possible synergies and linkages between the solar justice projects and the  other ongoing projects

-          Performing other relevant duties as required.

Specific project outputs are expected to include:

Output 1: Institutional and operational models detailing a public-private-community approach to basic energy service delivery

Output 2: Systems, policies, and procedures governing the rollout of Output 1

Output 3: Development and registration of a community based entity (e.g. Limited Community Cooperative) capable of and responsible for elements of last mile operations including technical installation and cost recovery

Output 4: Identification of suitable technical partners to supply the project. Including strategic leveraging of operational support.

Output 5: Installation of approximately 600 household solar home systems and street lighting.

Reporting, Supervision and Performance Evaluation
- The Project Coordinator will report to the SDI Programme Officer – Energy and Executive Director, ACTogether Uganda.

- He/ She will work closely with the SDI Energy Programme Officer and relevant departmental staff at ACTogether, National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda, and the municipal technical staff.
- Performance will be evaluated by SDI Projects, in consultation with the Executive Director of ACTogether-Uganda.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following

-          A strong understanding of the Ugandan overall energy market and in particular of the Solar PV market. Contacts to some of the potential stakeholders will be advantageous

-          Experience and proven commitment in working with local communities / grass-roots Organisations

-          Experience in working with local government

-          Strong analytical and project management skills

-          Technical (PV technology), Financial (business development), Project Development, and Development (community work) skills

-          Experience in consulting, management of multi-stakeholder processes and facilitation of workshops/stakeholder consultations.

For further information please contact:

David Sheridan, SDI, Programme Officer – Energy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kakaire Waiswa, ACTogether, Projects Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blog by kawempe youth documenter Sendegeya Jonathan

blg 1  blg 2

The IOM project on Strengthening Social Cohesion and Stablisation in Slum Population (SSCSSP), funded by the European Union (EU), aims to address the root cause of intercommunal conflict in slum population by addressing sources of grievances and by strengthening community cohesion around shared development assets. The project, more specifically will provide employment opportunities and basic local services as well as preventing conflict in marginalized communities in urban slums of Uganda.

The pilot project was established in Kawempe region, specifically Bwaise iii in which 50 youths are to benefit from the business financial support and the 60 people from the cooperative yet to be registered. Unlike other projects this has specifically come to support the youth on the individual basis not the youth groups

Youths to benefit are those living in Bwaise iii and have already started a business but need financial support in terms of the equipment and tools. This is to help the youth increase their income and the standards of living as well as boosting their productivity. 

In a desire to make the project participatory, engagement of the leaders at different levels was crucial. It all started with the meeting with the town clerk of Kawempe division and the ward administrator of bwaise iii in the town clerk’s office Friday morning 07/07/2017. In this meeting of an hour, “this project is to enhance youth business in this community by providing financial support and business sensitisation…” Mr. Kakaire introduced the project and supplemented by others, “it is in our tradition of always seeking blessings from the elders, so we are here to have your blessing you being our elders not by age but the by authority…” NSDFU chairperson supplemented. The project was highly welcomed by the city authority and they gave advises on how they think it can be conducted, “make sure you don’t give money to the youth who have got youth fund for there are still many youth in our community who are not reached yet…” the town clerk advised and they promised technical support in all aspects to make this project succeed. In the evening also other local leaders like Local Council chairpersons at different levels, area councilors and many others were engaged in discussion about the project at Kalimali sanitation project and they also promised their total support

This opened the project to authorities and avoided future barriers which could have risen with hidden agendas. The welcoming of the project by the local leaders and the city authority was a great achievement for the project and this enables smooth Mobilisation, monitoring and evaluation of the project and it good start for transparency

 Meetings  in photos

blg 3  blg 4 

blg 5  blg 6


Blog by Ssendegeya Jonathan-Kawempe region documenter 

blog  blog

With no doubt people in the same locality tend to have similar challenges, this always call for the need for such people to meet. It was 28/04/2017 when the leaders plus their youths of different saving groups in bwaise network kawempe region under the umbrella of National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU) met at kalimali sanitation community hall to discuss some issues as per their savings groups and solutions to their challenge as people of the same locality

“We are the problem and we are the solution,” as one of the slogan used by the slum dwellers in the federation, many issues were raised by desperate chairpersons as they claim to have missed such meetings for the long time, they were of help as many got strengthened and advised by fellow chairpersons which is not the case these days. Challenges were also raised like lack of enough financial support, difficulty in sitting the meetings at the group level and others as possible solutions are also suggested among themselves.

blog 3 

Hope was revived again among them as they got words of encouragement from the chairperson of kawempe region national slum dwellers federation of Uganda Mr. Rhonald kasaalu and he introduced a new project in the pipe line targeting the youth funded by IMO which was proudly and cheerfully welcomed.

Many issues were discussed but there showed a need to revive meetings at all levels especially at the group and network level plus regional council meetings, this creates positive competition among the groups as they all aim at the best. Something must be done on the ground to know what is needed, let it be facilitation or remobilization and monitoring to have the sleeping groups awakened 

blog 4

Blog by Sendegeya Jonathan

jjjjj kkkkkk

Kalimali Bisoboka (meaning things are possible) savings group is one of the savings group with more than 30 members located at the kalimali sanitation project in kawempe region under the umbrella of national slum dwellers federation of Uganda, like any other saving group, it has been going through some challenges from the beginning among which includes leadership and many others this has affected the group membership and savings. But there was a change of the story on 4/5/2017 in the group meeting when everything was resolved for the group to restart afresh whereby the following was resolved

  • Change of the leadership
  • Auditing of the group savings to trace the missing money
  • Group meetings to sit on every Wednesday
  • To come up with the group project
  • Registration of the group as CBO

This was as a result of the effort by the region chairperson Mr. Kasaalu in his monitoring exercise after receiving the complaint from the die-hard group members as their group was led astray from the purpose as to why it was formed.


This can act as a sample of many groups in the same saga not only in kawempe region but in all the municipalities where national slum dwellers federation of Uganda has its input but lacking a hand, this call attention to the concerned from the national level to the regional level to put on their boots and pull their stockings. Before there was a monitoring exercise done at region level to the groups facilitated by ACTogether, this made the exercise so easy as groups were visited and monitored by the concerned facilitators 





According to Wikipedia; “Apublic spaceis asocial space that is generally open and accessible to people it is therefore a gathering spot or part of a neighborhood, downtown, special district, waterfront or other area within the public realm that helps promote social interaction and a sense of community. Possible examples may include such spaces as plazas, town squares, parks, marketplaces, public commons and malls, public greens, piers, special areas within convention centers or grounds, sites within public buildings, lobbies, concourses, or public spaces within private buildings.

Please follow the link to view the blog in adobe spark version;

The training that involved staff, interns, federation / community members, KYC-TV crew and youth documenters took place on 7th December 2016. This was to orient them about the new software that makes blogging easier as well as allowing the use of captivating media content.  


Shown in the photos above are the participants during the training.

The overall objective of the exercise was to orient participants with new skills and technological platforms that allow communicating with impact in order to give more visibility to the work we do. 


The training was carried out by members of the documentation department through a learn by doing approach that allowed participants to fully grasp the knowledge and skills imparted. 


Members of the documentation team conducting the training and other participants.

“The new approach has reduced the amount of time required to write blogs and adds a flare allowing you to adding media content of different types such videos, reports among others” said Joan Beatrice one of the trainers. 

As a result of such trainings, ACTogther Uganda with NSDFU have created more appealing content that is available online across various social media sites that document the work of the federation. This can be followed by the links below;


With the ever increasing population in the Urban centres, focus of all the urban actors should be triggered towards inclusive, resilent and sustainable cities.


Please follow the link to view the blog in Adobe Spark version; Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Forums have  ignited the self-help initiatives in communities by assisting communities in building constructive partnerships that enable participatory planning and promotion of accountability as citizens actively oversee public projects in their settlements. 

Please follow the link to view the blog in Adobe Spark Version; FORUMS: A DRIVE TO COMMUNITY CHANGE

The Lubaga exhibition organised by National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda and ACTogether Ugnada in Partnership with kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) brought together a number of saving groups and KCCA officials. 


Please follow the link to view the blog in adobe spark version: Lubaga Exhibition


Written by Documentation team;

10 years

With a vision towards “inclusive cities where the urban poor utilize opportunities to transform their communities”, ACTogether is the national support NGO for the National Slum Dwellers’ Federation of Uganda (NSDFU). The Organization was established in 2006, to facilitate processes that develop organizational capacity at the local level and promote pro-poor policy and practice in Uganda’s urban development arena. At the ten years journey, ACTogether together with NSDFU advances concerns of over 1949 savings group of slum dwellers in various municipalities across the country. ACTogether & NSDFU use savings not only to empower communities of the urban poor but also to mobilize them into organize them into small self-help groups that ably take care of their needs. At the mark of 10 years, average daily savings 1,459,764,000Shs through which loans are advanced to communities as well as establishing numerous projects in waste management, providing security of tenure bio-fil toilets skills development and hopes to expand interventions into affordable housing. 

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