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Thursday, 21 April 2016 07:18


Blog By Abubakar Kasujja, the Jinja region youth documemt10er;

Being part of the federation saving group offers a number of opportunities and exposure to spaces for knowledge and information sharing. Both appear as useful tools for leverage of business and as a result there’s an increase on the general income.This is evident with YOUTH WITH A VISION whose achievements have enhanced the image of the youth in Rubaga market, Jinja as trustworthy and responsible citizens in the community.

In regard to savings within their group and in relation to the urgent need by the community, an internet café was established, members have expanded the available options to upgrade the group business, through trainings on savings and loans they increased their skills to work on activities such as peanut butter, making liquid soap, mobile money services among others.

Members have acknowledged an enhanced sense of self fortification by perceiving themselves as valuable citizens in the community capable of generating their own income and even providing employment to others. This has indeed bridged the unemployment gap as the earnings have ensured the fulfillment of important goals such as paying school fees for the children, paying rent, council revenue and running day to day bills.

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Thursday, 21 April 2016 06:25


Blog by Jonathan Sendegeya the Kawempe region youth documenter;

These are blocks made from the dust of composite rubbish like banana peels and many others, mixed with cassava porridge and such blocks are used for cooking

As the pressure rises about the dangers of destroying the environment through charcoal burning, cutting trees for fire wood and air pollution by the increasing burning masses of rubbish produced by the people in Kampala. Peace saving group in Kawempe region under the umbrella of National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU) is one of the many saving groups in Kampala making briquettes as their income generating activity.

Like any other business activity, briquette making needs machinery and liquid capital, this was covered by; 3Million an IGA loan from the supporting NGO ACTogether Uganda and 5million shillings from the Community Driven Development funds (CDD).The funds restored hope in the lives of many as the training and exchanges were conducted to equip the saving group members with information, as the slogan says, “information is power.”

“Briquette making has reduced the littering of the composite rubbish in our community as we  have managed to setup collection points of such rubbish hence improving on the hygiene and sanitation of the community” one of the group member narrates.

Briquettes are produced in the cylindrical shape and packed, 6 briquettes are sold at 1000shs / $ 0.28   these are sold to the nearby neighbors and the market centers. The group members make Efforts to increase the sales by participating in the exhibition and sensitizing the community of the usefulness of briquettes.

The saving groups daily saving is increasing and the Urban Poor Fund (UPF /suubi savings) have also increased. The group has started enjoying the fruits of her Suubi saving which is a clear sign of victory.

Equipment used for making briquettes;


Briquette making in action;





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