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Localizing development: participation a key to achieving sustainable development

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Blog by kawempe youth documenter Sendegeya Jonathan

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The IOM project on Strengthening Social Cohesion and Stablisation in Slum Population (SSCSSP), funded by the European Union (EU), aims to address the root cause of intercommunal conflict in slum population by addressing sources of grievances and by strengthening community cohesion around shared development assets. The project, more specifically will provide employment opportunities and basic local services as well as preventing conflict in marginalized communities in urban slums of Uganda.

The pilot project was established in Kawempe region, specifically Bwaise iii in which 50 youths are to benefit from the business financial support and the 60 people from the cooperative yet to be registered. Unlike other projects this has specifically come to support the youth on the individual basis not the youth groups

Youths to benefit are those living in Bwaise iii and have already started a business but need financial support in terms of the equipment and tools. This is to help the youth increase their income and the standards of living as well as boosting their productivity. 

In a desire to make the project participatory, engagement of the leaders at different levels was crucial. It all started with the meeting with the town clerk of Kawempe division and the ward administrator of bwaise iii in the town clerk’s office Friday morning 07/07/2017. In this meeting of an hour, “this project is to enhance youth business in this community by providing financial support and business sensitisation…” Mr. Kakaire introduced the project and supplemented by others, “it is in our tradition of always seeking blessings from the elders, so we are here to have your blessing you being our elders not by age but the by authority…” NSDFU chairperson supplemented. The project was highly welcomed by the city authority and they gave advises on how they think it can be conducted, “make sure you don’t give money to the youth who have got youth fund for there are still many youth in our community who are not reached yet…” the town clerk advised and they promised technical support in all aspects to make this project succeed. In the evening also other local leaders like Local Council chairpersons at different levels, area councilors and many others were engaged in discussion about the project at Kalimali sanitation project and they also promised their total support

This opened the project to authorities and avoided future barriers which could have risen with hidden agendas. The welcoming of the project by the local leaders and the city authority was a great achievement for the project and this enables smooth Mobilisation, monitoring and evaluation of the project and it good start for transparency

 Meetings  in photos

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