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Blog by Ssendegeya Jonathan-Kawempe region documenter 

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With no doubt people in the same locality tend to have similar challenges, this always call for the need for such people to meet. It was 28/04/2017 when the leaders plus their youths of different saving groups in bwaise network kawempe region under the umbrella of National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU) met at kalimali sanitation community hall to discuss some issues as per their savings groups and solutions to their challenge as people of the same locality

“We are the problem and we are the solution,” as one of the slogan used by the slum dwellers in the federation, many issues were raised by desperate chairpersons as they claim to have missed such meetings for the long time, they were of help as many got strengthened and advised by fellow chairpersons which is not the case these days. Challenges were also raised like lack of enough financial support, difficulty in sitting the meetings at the group level and others as possible solutions are also suggested among themselves.

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Hope was revived again among them as they got words of encouragement from the chairperson of kawempe region national slum dwellers federation of Uganda Mr. Rhonald kasaalu and he introduced a new project in the pipe line targeting the youth funded by IMO which was proudly and cheerfully welcomed.

Many issues were discussed but there showed a need to revive meetings at all levels especially at the group and network level plus regional council meetings, this creates positive competition among the groups as they all aim at the best. Something must be done on the ground to know what is needed, let it be facilitation or remobilization and monitoring to have the sleeping groups awakened 

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